Marquette County Quilters Association (MCQA)

Thanks to all of you we proudly delivered 36 Nooker Quilts to Bay Cliff in

June. The surplus quilts the committee receives will be seed for next year. Thanks to all, 

and to the Nooker Quilt Committee for making this possible!

The Harbor House project is well under way. We currently have two completed

quilts, two tops, and many “Disappearing Pinwheel” blocks completed. A 7 block

by 8 block quilt will use 56 blocks.

The Teddy Bears have arrived!!! Next step:  dressing them in sweaters, caps, and

for sure, cute quilts.  We will accomplish this and wrap them at our meeting in

November. We need helpers to deliver Teddy Bears and the teen/preteen bags to agencies throughout the county during November.  Teresa will ‘bear’ these gifts to the Marquette agencies, and she is looking for help in the west and south!


a Gwinn member to deliver to St. Vincent de Paul in Gwinn.  

a west-end member or two to deliver to the Ishpeming Salvation Army and the Ishpeming St. Vincent de Paul.

Please let Teresa Z. know you will take a box home from the November meeting to deliver to an agency near you. Thanks! Members are also thinking ahead! This fall our focus will switch to the

“Teddy Bear Quilt” project for kids in the area. These items are distributed by the

Salvation Army and St. Vincent De Paul stores in the area. It is my understanding

that machines are already humming and knitting needles are clicking. The Teddy

Bear Committee is already collecting quilts and sweaters for the bears! Directions

for the Teddy Bear Sweaters can be found on our website. If you are not a knitter,

feel free to sew a cute little outfit.

Also, this year we would like to provide something for the young girls of the area. 

There is a need for items for girls in the 5-8 range and young teenage girls. I 

understand that Santa’s helpers have started to work on little purses and/or

bags for these young ladies. You girls ROCK!

Thanks to all of you we can help make someone’s life a little warmer and brighter!


One of the most important facets of MCQA is the charity work done by our

members. Dozens of quilts are donated by MCQA members each year to various

charities in the Marquette area. Listed below are organizations that benefit

from our work along with the sizes and types of quilts that are provided to

each. Please take the time to read the instructions for the appropriate size  

and/or fabric for each type of quilt. If you have questions, please contact the

MCQA member listed next to the charity, or Charity Coordinator Karen Sanford



Please follow the size guidelines for each charity. The size and type of fabric has been requested by the charity based on their needs.

Please use only good quality quilting cotton fabric. These quilts will be laundered repeatedly and usually in commercial washing machines so fabric choice is important.

Please machine quilt. Tied quilts do not hold up to repeated use.

MCQA has lots of donated fabric and funds budgeted for charity quilt supplies; ask the Charity Coordinator for details.

Some MCQA members volunteer quilting services on their long arm quilting machines, but please ASK FIRST before dropping off your quilt.

In 2015 MCQA members donated the following items:  
Neonatal-48 quilts
Harbor House-6 quilts
Care Clinic-6 quilts
Teddy Bears and quilts-6

Click the button below to print the instructions for charity quilts.

Click the button below to print the instructions for Teddy Bear sweaters.

Bay Cliff Health Camp

Quilts are made throughout the year and delivered to Bay Cliff and enjoyed by the campers of Bay Cliff.  The "Nooker Quilts" are presented to all of the youngest campers each year.  
Thanks again to everyone that helps with this project. The kids are always so excited each year when they receive their quilts!     

Teddy Bears

The Teddy Bear project is an important part of the charity work done each year by MCQA. Each year the Guild purchases teddy bears which are then dressed and wrapped lovingly in a small quilt by guild members. Each bear is then wrapped in a plastic bag, tied with a Christmas ribbon and donated to local charities.